Calculating the five business day deadline

To be compliant with the five business day deadline, submissions must be received in ORA/ORS by 8:00am (EST) five business days in advance of the submission date.

Example calculation

For a June 15th 2022 deadline, the submission in its final form must be received by ORA/ORS (completely routed to Pending Central Approval (PCA)) on June 8th by 8:00 a.m. 

A note about routing for approval: The "Show History" screen within SPS indicates which user is reviewing the record for approval. When the record is routed to another unit for approval (Pending Non-Central Approval (PNCA) reviewer other than the Duke Owning Org), the record will advance once approved by that unit or will remain in that Non-Central reviewer's in-box for two days and auto advance if no action is applied to the record in two days.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5 6 7 8 9 10 11




5 business days prior to sponsor due date

Submission due to ORA/ORS by 8:00am

4 business days prior to sponsor due date

3 business days prior to sponsor due date


12 13 14 15 16 17 18


2 business days prior to sponsor due date

1 business day prior to sponsor due date

Sponsor due date





ORA/ORS review all applications for administrative compliance with sponsor requirements as well as for alignment with Duke University policies and processes, and sets the application to designated ‘Awaiting Submission’ by ORA/ORS in SPS– at which point, the PI is cleared to release the application to the sponsor.

Plagiarism, falsification, misrepresentation or inattention to or withholding information necessary to carry out the processes, authorizations, notifications, or responsibilities required to review an application and make necessary assurances could result in administrative actions, such as withdrawal or rejection of an application, suspension and/or termination of an award, debarment of the PI, project personnel or Duke University, as well as the imposition of civil fines and criminal penalties.

Please note: Departments, Centers, and Institutes may have their own deadlines in advance of the five business day submission deadline in order to accurately prepare and review the proposal prior to routing to the central pre-award office. The investigator(s) and grant manager should coordinate early about any unit-specific deadlines to ensure they are factored in to the submission timeline.