Commons Validations in Grants.Duke

A Validate Against Commons button now appears at the top of the Grants.duke Check page if:

  • You are a department administrator or pre-award administrator; AND
  • You are viewing a proposal whose sponsor is NIH, a child of NIH, AHRQ, CDC or FDA


Once the Validate Against Commons button has been selected, one of 3 things will be displayed:

  1. Any resulting errors and warnings from Commons
  2. If the web service is unavailable, the following message will be displayed: 
    • “Unable to contact Commons.  Please try again later.”
  3. If the XML is not valid (i.e., Grants.Duke cannot correctly compile the data that is required by the sponsor), the following message will be displayed:
    • “The current application has errors that need to be addressed.  Please contact your central office representative for assistance.”


Under the new button, text will be displayed that shows either:


‘This proposal has not been validated against Commons’

if no department administrator has run the validations

Commons validation

Name and date of the last department administrator who ran the validations

(e.g., Last validated against Commons on 02/02/2022 by Stephanie Dash)

Commons validation


NOTE: Errors returned by running Validate Against Commons will not prevent the PI from submitting the application from Grants.Duke.