Duke Animal Care and Use Program Reporting Concerns

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Animal Health Emergencies: Call the emergency veterinary pager at 919-970-9410.

Animal Husbandry Emergencies: Call the husbandry supervisor pager at 919-970-7272. If there is no response call the veterinary emergency pager.

General Questions:

  • Division of Laboratory Animal Resources: 919-684-2797
  • IACUC Office of Animal Welfare Assurance: 919-668-6720 or IACUC@duke.edu

Animal Welfare or Compliance Concerns:  Any of the above contact numbers can be used to report an animal welfare concern. Additional reporting options include:

If this is an ongoing or immediate animal concern please ensure that you speak directly to an individual so that immediate action can take place.

You do not need to identify yourself to report a concern.

    Anonymous Reports: There are three external hotlines available providing a toll-free, anonymous reporting service for potential concerns. They are:

    • Duke Health Integrity Line (800) 826-8109
    • Duke University Compliance and Fraud hotline (800) 849-9793
    • HIPAA Privacy Line (800) 688-1867

    Other Compliance Questions or Concerns

    The non-retaliation and non-retribution policy are contained in the Duke University’s Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for the University and the Duke Integrity in Action for Duke Health. These documents are both located at: https://oarc.duke.edu/compliance

    Confidentiality of individuals reporting violations of laws, rules or policies will be maintained to the extent practicable, and individuals reporting violations in good faith will be protected from retaliation.

    For more information please refer to the:

    IACUC Notification Policy