Effort management tools: Projection calculator

The Projection Calculator is a resource on the MRH Effort Summary page that calculates the projected average effort when a different effort allocation is applied in future months. This can aid in effort management discussions with the principal investigator and key personnel. This tool DOES NOT change the current allocation in iForms or in the Effort Management Tools. This tool provides reference data and should be considered only as part of the entire portfolio under review.

The calculator can be found by expanding any project with a commitment in the MRH Effort Summary. It is displayed below the months listed in the Projected Effort Details table.

Screenshot showing location of projected effort

The default value shown is the current effort allocation from iForms. Enter a new percentage value or use the arrows to adjust the effort percentage. When the effort percentage value is changed, the projected average effort is recalculated with the new effort percentage value applied to future months of the commitment period. A warning will display if the projected average effort falls below the minimum required average for this commitment. This calculator does not change any data in SAP iForms nor SPS and should be used for reference only.

Screenshot showing warning displayed when effort falls below minimum

The calculator also shows the allocation needed in future months to meet the effort commitment and to meet the minimum effort requirement. These are static reference values based on the current commitment, average effort to date, and the remaining months within the commitment period.

Screenshot showing allocation needed in future

As noted on the screenshot, effort allocated to a project must align with the work in direct support of the project.  This tool does not replace discussions with the principal investigator or key personnel. It should only be used to inform the discussion as part of the regular effort management process.