Guidance for submitting Letters of Support requiring the Dean's Office approval

Requests for Letters of Support requiring the signature of the Dean of the School of Medicine only must be routed using the “Submit a Request” feature in myRESEARCHhome at least ten (10) business days before the SPS record is due in ORA. 

*Note that only Grant Managers have the ability to submit Letter of Support Requests*

To expedite the submission process, please ensure that the following information is available prior to submission of the request in myRESEARCHhome:

  • SPS Record Number
  • Prime Sponsor Type and Name
  • Copy of Funding Opportunity Announcement
  • Draft letter in .docx that includes information specific to the project, including:
    • Name and address of recipient
    • Proposal title
    • Name of the Principal Investigator
    • Information regarding any cost sharing or any quantifiable financial commitment on behalf of the School of Medicine.
  • Copy of Approved Cost Share request, if applicable.
  • Information on any reduced F&A Rates

For all T32 proposals originating from a unit in the Basic Sciences, the initiation of the Letter of Support starts with the Office of Biomedical Graduate Education. The unit will still need to complete the SOM Letter of Support Request but will not be required to upload a copy of the letter of support.

Full detailed instructions

Log in to and Select SOM Letter of Support from Submit a Request
Enter the SPS record # and click Start Request
Information from the SPS records will automatically pipe onto the form for you
If Duke will be a sub select with the Prime Sponsor is Federal.  If not, select N/A.
Indicate Yes or No if the proposal is for a T32, and if so whether it is overseen by Office of Bio-Medical Graduate Education (OBGE)

If overseen by OBGE, you will proceed with the completing the rest of the form but without uploading a draft Letter of Support

*Upon completion you will select Save and Return Later, make note of the Return Code provided, enter  and click Send Survey Link

You will also need to send a second, separate email to Beth detailing the SPS record # associated with the return code, as this doesn’t send with the automated email for security reasons

Attach a copy of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) using the Upload File link

For all upload files:

Click Choose File, browse and select your desired file, and then click Upload File

Note 7mb cumulative file limits

Attach a copy of the draft Letter of Support using the Upload File link

Indicate Yes or No if the Letter of Support includes a commitment to cost share

If Yes, indicate the type(s) of cost share (see GAP 200.140 for additional guidance on cost sharing)

Indicate Yes or No if the Cost Share has been approved

If Yes, upload a copy of that approval if so.  Using the Upload File

Indicate Yes of No if the sponsor limits F&A cost Recovery

If Yes, provide the reduced F&A rate

Provide any additional notes that may be helpful in the review of the Letter of Support in the Additional Notes free text field.
Click Submit once you are ready to submit for review, or follow the Save & Return later steps detailed above if this is for an T32 overseen by OBGE

Once the Letter of Support has been reviewed, finalized and signed by the Dean’s office, you will receive notification from REDCap with the signed Letter of Support and any additional reviewer notes.

Note the email will indicate if the Letter of Support was revised during the review process