Proposal Submission: Department, Center, or Institute Review

Prior to the internal submission deadline, investigators and grants and contracts administrators should work together to ensure the application is complete and compliant with the sponsor and Duke University requirements. This includes: 

  • Ensuring the PI is eligible to submit to the application 
  • Checking the complete application against the application instructions 
  • Ensuring all required attachments have been included and are in the proper format, in accordance with the most current version of sponsor requirements 
  • This includes activity disclosures as required in Biosketch and/or Current and Pending attachments 
  • Confirming proposed activities and spending comply with institutional regulations. 
  • Confirming that the Intent to Submit Form was completed at least 15 business days prior to sponsor due date. 

Additionally, accuracy and acceptability of information included within the application are the responsibility of the investigator(s) and the reviewing/owning Business Unit. This includes: 

  • Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, jargon, scientific/technical terminology, punctuation, abbreviations 
  • Scientific strategy, including persuasiveness, and significance 
  • Scientific and technical merit 
  • Academic value of the research activity 
  • Reasonableness of effort commitment of faculty and staff effort and possible impacts on other obligations 
  • Availability and/or feasibility of the facilities and resources listed 
  • Accuracy of salaries listed for individuals, including faculty and staff 
  • Adequacy of the budget for the proposed research/activity 
  • Qualifications and training of personnel to carry out the proposed research or other activity 
  • Qualifications of subrecipients