Proposal Submission: Institutional (ORA/ORS) Review 

ORA and ORS review applications using various tools, sources of information, and guidance - including sponsor program announcements, sponsor policies, Federal regulations, Duke policies, internal review guidance, and the application information provided and approved by the investigator and grants and contracts administrator. In addition, ORA and ORS assess whether information in the SPS record is consistent with the application. 

Review by ORA and ORS includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Sponsor and University eligibility requirements 
  • Accuracy of Duke reference data  
  • Sponsor’s specific budgetary requirements 
  • Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs are calculated appropriately 
  • Mandatory cost-share requirements are met, or, if prohibited by sponsor, cost-share is not presented in the application. If cost-sharing is included, it is not done so inadvertently, the Duke cost-sharing unit or party has reflected its approval, and the cost-sharing is consistent with federal requirements 
  • All proposed subrecipients satisfy the University’s documentation requirement 
  • The requisite institutional, regulatory, and compliance approvals are obtained 
  • Incidental to its application review, ORA or ORS may, but are not required to, identify other areas needing clarification or changes outside the scope of the above criteria.