RCR training for Duke undergraduate students engaged in research

Conducting research is an amazing opportunity to discover, learn, and observe; and it is also a privilege that comes with great responsibilities to conduct yourself and your research with integrity and honesty.

Undergraduate students supported on a federally sponsored research program are required to complete the RCR CITI online course. Undergraduates who are added as key personnel on a Duke Health IRB protocol are also required to complete RCR Training per DOCR requirements. All undergraduate students are welcome to complete this training even if they are not required.

The ASIST office will be in communication with undergraduate students engaged in research each semester to help identify those required to complete CITI training. Please, note that if your research involves human subjects, vertebrate animals or certain types of hazardous substances or equipment, you may be required to complete additional trainings in ethics and safety.

Duke encourages undergraduate students engaged in research to broaden their understanding by further discussing these topics with mentors and colleagues, and by participating in research integrity events on campus.  Participation in these workshops provides additional opportunities to interact with faculty and staff, see research in the context of the bigger picture, and learn from each other. Students will also learn about other research projects and potential research and career opportunities.


Course details

The required CITI course includes 4 mandatory modules and 1 elective module. The mandatory modules are: 1) Mentoring and healthy research environments, 2) Research misconduct, 3) Data management, and 4) a Duke specific case study. The elective modules include: 1) Plagiarism, 2) Collaborative research, 3) and Research, ethics, and society. You must open each of the modules and achieve at least 80% on each of the accompanying assessments. You will have unlimited attempts to take each post-module assessment.

Estimated time to complete all modules: 1.5-2 hours

Contact asist@duke.edu with any questions about the Undergraduate Student RCR program or offerings

Login instructions

Download this guide for detailed login instructions for accessing Duke RCR CITI courses. These steps are summarized below. If you do not have a Duke CITI account follow all steps below. If you do have a Duke CITI account, after step 1, jump to step #5.

  1. Go to the CITI Program webpage and click REGISTER (click LOGIN if you do have a Duke CITI account).
  2. Type “Duke RCR (SSO)” in the text box below. Courses offered through other Duke affiliations with CITI are not eligible for RCR credit (e.g., "Duke Health", "Duke University Campus IRB").
  3. Check the box underneath the text box “I AGREE to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for accessing CITI Program materials” after review.
  4. Check the second box that popped up when you checked the previous one: “I affirm that I am an affiliate of Duke RCR.”
  5. Click the “Continue to SSO Login/Instructions” blue button. You will be directed to the Duke Shibboleth login page, where you will be asked for your NetID and password.
  6. Click “View Courses” next to “Duke RCR”
  7. Click on the "Add a Course" button and select "Undergraduate Students" to reach the appropriate RCR course
  8. Complete the entire course and quizzes

Have you reached a score 80% or higher on all quizzes? If so, Congratulations. Your credit will be processed in up to 15 days.