Research Quality and Reproducibility online course

Duke University has purchased a university wide license for the Epigeum, Oxford University Press interactive online course: Research Quality and Reproducibility:

"Develop the skills required to plan and execute well managed, reproducible scientific research; skills which are often not formally taught in postgraduate research programs.
• Researchers in the early stages of their careers:  provides formal training, serving to increase the quality of the research being performed and published.
• More seasoned researchers: training is equally applicable for those who have never received formal training in certain areas of the research process."

~program description from Epigeum website ~

Download the accompanying Instructor’s Manual to further discuss the course content and materials with in-person discussions and activities in small groups or classes.

*Note: If you are interested in completing some of these modules for RCR-100 credit for the Faculty and Staff RCR program- please use the LMS Course registration links on the RCR website. 

Summary of Modules

The Course is comprised of 13 interactive modules (~60 min to complete each).  You can access and review the modules in any order using the LMS link above.  Each module is accompanied by a short assessment with 10 multiple choice questions.

  1. Research quality and reproducibility
  2. Understanding your research area
  3. Developing your research hypothesis
  4. Designing your research study
  5. Engaging internal and external stakeholders
  6. Intellectual property considerations
  7. Execution, management and documentation of experiments
  8. Data management
  9. Data analysis and interpretation
  10. Authoring and publication
  11. Data and resource sharing
  12. Wider communication of research
  13. Mentoring for research quality and reproducibility

Contact if you have any questions on how to access the content, ideas on how to use it, requests to house the content in a different LMS configuration, or to share your feedback on the course content and format.