• Academic Catalog Courses are exempt from export control laws as long as extracurricular technical data or goods are not introduced.
  • Undergraduate and graduate travelers to foreign countries must consult with the ITOC Travel Policy.
  • Undergraduates participating in activities normally associated with graduate and post-doctoral work should be treated as Graduate / Post-doctoral students.

Graduate / Post-doctoral

Foreign national Graduate students and Post-docs working on a sponsored project may be required to obtain an export license if:

  • There are any publication restrictions on the research results or any proposed publications are subject to approval by the sponsor.
  • There are controls on the access and dissemination of the research results. For example, any foreign nationals working on the project must first be approved by the sponsor.
  • A graduate student requires access to a controlled good or technology in order to conduct research


Under the fundamental research "exemption", students are allowed to publish their dissertation even in sponsored research programs.  In some situations, a sponsor may request to review a dissertation prior to publishing.  In cases where graduation and the review period overlap, dissertations should be submitted with an "embargo" (publication delay) until the sponsor has provided the results of their review and comments on the paper.  The "embargo" process may also be used to protect patents during the filing period.

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