Technology control plans

Research under the fundamental research "exemption" may still have export control issues.  Only research RESULTS are eligible for the fundamental research exemption.

It is common for a sponsor to provide export controlled information or software to Duke University in support of fundamental research. This provided data can not be incorporated into the published research results, nor can this information be shared with foreign nationals even if they are participants in the fundamental research project.

If a grant or contract specifically states that a Principal Investigator or research assistant will receive export controlled data from a sponsor, the Office of Export Controls will contact the Principal Investigator to establish a Technology Control Plan. Depending on the situation, the Technology Control Plan will inform the signatories of their limitations in sharing export controlled data.

If you receive information that is marked with referenced to export controls OR any of the following acronyms, please contact export controls:

  • ITAR
  • EAR
  • ECCN
  • USML