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Modify incoming agreements

Need assistance with modifying incoming agreements?

Throughout the course of a project, anticipated changes may arise that will impact the terms of the agreement. These changes will need to be reviewed by the appropriate central office and submitted to the sponsor to amend the terms of the agreement to include the requested changes.

This page contains guidance on when a modification is necessary, who to contact, and the process for requesting modifications for incoming agreements. Incoming agreements are those in which Duke is the prime recipient or is a subrecipient from another entity. For information regarding modifying outgoing agreements (where Duke has issued a subaward or subcontract):

When is an agreement modification necessary?

When a modification to an agreement is required depends on the sponsor, award mechanism, and what modification is being requested. Examples of changes that would require a modification to the terms of the agreement include:

  • The level of effort for sponsor key personnel
  • A change in PI or sponsor key personnel
  • The scope of work for the project
  • A change to the budget as required by the terms and conditions of the award or contract
  • Changes to data security or intellectual property terms
  • Requesting a no-cost extension (NCE)
  • Changes coming from the sponsor

Some changes to a project will not require modifying the terms of the agreement and can be handled internally. Contact the appropriate central office for assistance with determining if a project change will need sponsor approval.


Process for requesting a modification

Once it has been determined that the requested changes will require a modification of the terms of the agreement, review by the appropriate central office is necessary, who will then request the change from the sponsor. Research staff should not communicate directly with the sponsor to request changes prior to communicating with the appropriate central office, and should also not implement any of the requested changes until they have been approved by the sponsor.


Requesting a no-cost extension (NCE)

If a project is approaching the end date but additional time is needed to complete the agreed upon aims of the project, a no-cost extension may need to be requested from the sponsor.

For more information about NCEs and how to utilize the NCE tool for making a request:

Requesting any other modifications

All other modification requests must be submitted to the appropriate central office.