F&A Waiver Requests in the School of Medicine 

It is the policy of the Duke School of Medicine to recover the maximum allowable applicable F&A rate on all sponsored projects regardless of funding source, unless a not-for-profit sponsor’s published, written policy restricts or limits F&A recovery. 

Requests to approve an F&A waiver when a sponsor restricts or limits F&A recovery are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Requests must be requested via the "SoM F&A Waiver" form in the "Submit a Request" menu in myRESEARCHhome

Before filling out an F&A waiver form, please read through the F&A Waiver Form FAQs.

Utilize the tool below to determine if an F&A waiver is required

Definition of a clinical trial: The controlled, clinical testing in human subjects (including prospective data collection) of a drug, device, treatment, diagnostic, intervention, or preventive measure to assess its safety, efficacy, benefits, costs, adverse reactions, and/or outcomes.