Intent to Submit (I2S) Quick Reference Guide - Proposal Intake

This Quick Reference Guide is designed to show PIs and other submitters how to start and return to the Proposal Intake Form.  Note that not all departments have chosen to require this form.

Training Video - Proposal Intake

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Step-by-step instructions are provided in the sections below.

How do I know if my department requires this form?

One of the easiest ways is to ask your departmental administrator.  In addition, if your department requires the form, it will display as a required “Step 2” as you work through the Intent to Submit Process. 

Step 2
What is the purpose of this form?

The Proposal Intake Form helps your department capture additional information about your proposal, to help in a) planning necessary documents and determining deadlines, and b) preparing the SPS record.  This makes the application process more efficient.

What is captured in this form?

The form asks questions about the following: 

  • other Duke personnel, including anticipated effort 

  • details about potential subcontracts  

  • details about consultants 

  • more detailed information about activities proposed in your application 

  • activities associated with human subjects research 

  • involvement of specimens or data 

  • use of embryonic stem cells 

  • use of human fetal tissue 

  • inclusion of vertebrate animals 

  • use of recombinant DNA 

  • use of carcinogenic or biohazardous materials 

A complete copy of the existing Proposal Intake Form and its questions can be viewed here.

How do I access the form?

The form is accessed from myRESEARCHhome as part of the Intent to Submit process.  

If you are required to complete Proposal Intake as part of the Intent to Submit process, it will be displayed as a required Step 2.  To start the form for the first time, simply click on the Proposal Intake Form hyperlink displayed once you finish your Intent to Submit form.   

I2S Step 2

If you need to exit the form before completing the items, simply click on “Save and Return Later” 

How can I resume completing the form?

If you did not complete the form initially, you can go in and pick up where you left off.  Log into myRESEARCHhome and navigate to the myPortfolio widget, in the projects tab.  In the expanded view, navigate to the ‘Intent to Submit’ section where you will see cards for all active I2S submissions.

Click on the project title to view the Intent to Submit details page which will display the status of your Proposal Intake Step 2 if it is required. If the form is not yet started, it will have a yellow warning icon. If the form has been started but is not yet complete, it will have a blue in progress icon. If the form has been submitted, it will have a check in a green circle. Click on the Proposal Intake Form hyperlink to start a new form, resume one in progress, or view your submitted form.

partially completed PIF


For additional help with the Intent to Submit process, visit the listing of Quick Reference Guides.