ORS facts for forms and applications

This information is supplied by the Office of Research Support at Duke University for use in conjunction with the proposal and award of grants, contracts, subcontracts, etc. Please contact ORS if additional information is required.

Duke University
c/o Office of Research Support
2200 W. Main St. Ste A-200
Durham, NC 27705-4677
Phone: 919-684-3030
Email: ors-grant@duke.edu

Authorized Officials

Can sign sponsored and non-sponsored research related agreements on behalf of Duke University, except for ones with Foundations and Corporations which are delegated to Keith Hurka-Owen and Susan Lasley only.

Keith Hurka-Owen, Executive Director, ORS

Susan Lasley, Director, ORS

Broderick Grady, Director, ORS

Adam King, Associate Director, ORS

Teresa Chicarelli, Associate Director, ORS

Lauren Faber, Assistant Director, ORS

Danielle Lissberger, Assistant Director, ORS

Brian Lowinger, Assistant Director, ORS

Ken Macdonald, Assistant Director, ORS

Erinn Nichols, Assistant Director, ORS

Shannon Walker, Assistant Director, ORS

Charlene Wang, Assistant Director, ORS

Authorized Official -- For Foundations and Corporations ORS Executive Director Keith Hurka-Owen
ORS Director Susan Lasley
Animal Welfare (General) Assurance No.

Current Number: D16-00123

(old # A3195-01 Expiration Date July 31, 2017)

ASAP Recipient ID# 3752842

Assurance of Compliance

Assurance Of Compliance
CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Code 4B478
CASB (Cost Accounting Standards Board) Certification CASB Statement
Cognizant Federal Office Steven Zuraf
Division of Cost Allocation
Department of Health & Human Services
7700 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-492-4858
Fax: 301-492-5081
Email: steven.zuraf@psc.hhs.gov
Congressional District NC-004
DHHS (Dept of Health and Human Services) Property Control System Approval property_control_approval.pdf
Duke University Accreditation Confirmation Accreditation Document
Duke University Affirmative Action Plan (current) Contact ORS
Duke University Audited Financial Statement Duke Financial Services
Duke University Board of Trustees https://trustees.duke.edu/
Duke University By-laws Office of the Provost
Duke University Certificate of Existence and Date of Incorporation certificate_of_existence.pdf
Duke University Charter university_charter.pdf
Duke University Date of Incorporation January 12, 1841
Duke University Form 990 (current and past) Contact ORS
DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) Number 044387793
EIN (Federal Employer Identification/Tax Identification) Number 56-0532129 or 1560532129A1 if prefix and suffix are required
End-User Certificates


European Commission Participant Identification Code (PIC)

Contact Export Controls:  export@duke.edu



F&A (Facilities and Administrative) Rate Agreement Last Agreement
Federal Per Diem Rates http://www.gsa.gov
FICE (Federal Interagency Committee on Education) Code 002920
Financial Administrator

Gail Bullock
Senior Director, TBS
Duke University
324 Blackwell St. Ste. 1000
Washington Bldg.
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 668-5856

Human Subjects (Non-Medical) Federal-wide Assurance Number FWA 00000265, expiration date: 02/11/2027
Human Subjects (Medical) Federal-wide Assurance Number FWA 00009025, expiration date:02/11/2027

IRS Tax Status

Tax Status



IRS Tax Status Confirmation Duke Financial Services
Legal Name Duke University
Mail checks to

Duke University Accounts Receivable Lockbox
PO Box 602651
Charlotte, NC 28260-2651

Where a physical address is required, checks should be mailed to:

Wells Fargo Lockbox
Duke University Accounts Receivable
Lockbox 602651
1525 West WT Harris Blvd - 2C2
Charlotte, NC 28262

Make checks payable to Duke University
Military Critical Technical Data Agreement - DD2345 Forms Contact Export Controls: export@duke.edu
Misconduct in Science, Initial Assurance 12/21/1989
North American Industry Classifications System (NAICS) 611310
North Carolina Direct Pay Permit PayPermit209.pdf
NSF Organization Code 0029207000
Single Audit Report Duke Financial Services
PIC Number (European Union) 998693959
Power of Attorney Documents (POA) Contact Export Controls: export@duke.edu
Signature Authorization from Duke's Board of Trustees Signing Authority
Social Media Pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DukeUniv/

X: @DukeU

Instagram: @dukeuniversity

Standard Industry Code (SIC) 8221

System for Award Management (SAM), has consolidated Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and

Online Representations & Certification Application (ORCA)


Unique Entity Identifier (UEI Number) TP7EK8DZV6N5
Wire Transfer Information Please contact Duke Accounts Receivable.