Role of the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR)

The Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) is part of the team supporting the development, review, and submission of your proposal. The AOR serves as the designated representative with delegated signature authority in matters related to research at Duke. 

Sponsors make awards to the institution (Duke University, as the applicant organization), not the individual, and require certifications and signatures from individuals designated by the University as Authorized Organizational Representatives (AORs).  

The AOR’s signature represents to the sponsor that the University: 

  1. is eligible to submit the application  
  2. has confirmed the materials being submitted by the University on behalf of the PI are true, complete and accurate, are the original work of the PI, and have not been used by other individuals in the preparation and submission of a similar grant application 
  3. has the ability to provide appropriate administrative and scientific oversight of the project and agrees to be fully accountable for the appropriate use of funds awarded and for the performance of the project 
  4. has adequate facilities and infrastructure to carry out the project 
  5. agrees to perform the proposed work within the requested budget and the proposed timeline 
  6. complies with applicable Federal laws and regulations, certifications and assurances, and the terms and conditions of an award 


Only those commitments and obligations related to externally-sponsored projects made by an AOR are recognized by and binding for the University. 


Who are AORs at Duke University? 

Designated individuals in the following offices have delegated authority to bind the University on matters related to externally-sponsored projects at Duke: 

  • Duke Research & Innovation (OR&I) 
  • Duke Office for Translation & Commercialization (OTC) 
  • Duke Office of Export Controls 
  • Duke Finance & Administration 
  • Office of Research Administration (ORA) 
  • Office of Research Support (ORS) 
  • Office of Research Contracts (ORC) 
  • Duke Office for Clinical Research (DOCR) 

If you are unsure of how to connect with the right AOR for signature, please contact myRESEARCHnavigators at