Other Support (OS) review - single point of contact (SPOC)

SOM/SON Other Support SPOC list 

  • Individuals designated as Key personnel are responsible for maintaining correct and up-to-date OS.
  • Each SOM departmental SPOC is responsible for reviewing and certifying that OS documents are correct and up-to-date, verifying effort between SES and the individual's cost distribution to ensure compliance. When a SPOC approves an OS, they provide an approval line at the bottom of the document to demonstrate certification. (i.e., Approved by [Initials here] [Date here])
  • The Owning Org of the application is responsible for submitting OS documents for all Key personnel to ORA, ensuring as needed that OS documents have been certified by SPOCs from other departments (campus OS do not have the SPOC certification requirement).
  • ORA is responsible for reviewing and submitting OS documents to Sponsors (or returning to the Owning Org for inclusion with documents going to a Sponsor).