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Sponsored Project System (SPS) has several functions. It is used to prepare the administrative sections of a proposal such as the budget, budget justification, abstract, and the facilities and resources section. SPS facilitates document exchange between the Office of Research Support (ORS) and departments. SPS routes a completed proposal for departmental and ORS approvals. It also serves as a database for managing sponsored projects activity at both the central and departmental level. At the departmental level, for instance, SPS is the best way to check on an investigator's Current and Pending Support information for a proposal. SPS is the primary data source for reporting on sponsored projects proposals and awards, both internally for Provosts, Deans and Chairs at Duke and externally to federal agencies and non-profit entities.

The following training materials are provided by the Office of Research Support. 

CRAM Slides: May 23, 2024

CRAM Slides: January 25, 2024

CRAM Slides: June 13, 2023

CRAM Slides: September 14, 2023

CRAM Slides: March 23, 2022

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