Selecting the appropriate IRB guidance

At Duke, there are two institutional review boards (IRB) that conduct ethics reviews of human subjects research. Utilize the guidance below to determine the appropriate IRB for your research protocol:


The DUHS IRB is for any activity or research involving human subjects that:

  • Is sponsored by DUHS, including all of its institutional components; OR
  • Is conducted by or under the direction of any employee or agent of DUHS, SOM, SON (including a student, resident or fellow) in connection with his/her institutional responsibilities, regardless of funding source (or lack thereof), and regardless of the performance site; OR
  • Uses any DUHS property or facility; OR
  • Uses DUHS medical records for any purpose; OR
  • Meets the FDA definitions of “clinical investigation” ("research") involving a “human subject”

Campus IRB:

The Campus IRB is for research protocols in which:

  • Your primary appointment is in a campus unit; AND
  • Your human subjects research is social, behavioral, and/or educational in scope; AND
  • Does not meet any of the criteria listed above for the DUHS IRB

Contact the IRB staff if your primary appointment is in a campus unit and your research will involve:

  • Collaboration with one or more DUHS affiliates or use of a DUHS facility; OR
  • Recruitment of DUHS-affiliated participants (for example, physicians) or access to patient information stored on a DUHS server