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DoD funding programs

Need assistance with DoD CDMRP proposals?

Utilize this page to access guidance and toolkits for various DoD funding programs. For consultations with a Research Development Professional about planning a DoD proposal contact:

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) grants

The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) aims to fill research gaps by funding high impact, high risk and high gain projects that other agencies may not venture to fund. While individual programs are unique in their focus, all of the programs managed by the CDMRP share the common goal of advancing paradigm shifting research, solutions that will lead to cures or improvements in patient care, or breakthrough technologies and resources for clinical benefit. 
Guidance on planning a CDMRP proposal

When applying for a CDMRP grant, follow the funding opportunity announcement’s guidelines in combination with the General Application Instructions (GAI) guide for that research program. General formatting guidelines are highlighted in the checklists provided in each of the program folders linked below as well as Appendix 4 of any of GAI PDFs.

Access the Review and submit the proposal page for guidance on submission of the proposal, the grant manager should be contacted with questions (e.g., what documents transfer from SPS versus what is uploaded into grants.duke). 

Note: the preproposal stage is submitted through eBRAP (CDMRP’s system), while the full proposal is submitted through grants.duke

Preproposal forms and templates
Full proposal forms and templates

Templates for documents common across solicitations are linked directly below. See specific Program folders in the following accordion for additional documents as applicable (e.g., Technical Abstract, Lay Abstract, Impact Statement, Innovation Statement, Military Relevance, Partnership Statement)

Proposal development toolkits for CDMRP Research Programs and solicitations

Explore solicitations that were recently pursued by Duke faculty using the links below.  Included are the solicitation and general application instructions, a checklist for preapplication and full application documents, the programmatic panel roster, and templates tailored to the submission.

CDMRP program toolkits:

Air Force Office of Scientific Research FY24 Young Investigator Program (AFOSR YIP)

AFOSR YIP supports early stage, tenure-track scientists and engineers who are in a full-time tenure-track appointment and show exceptional ability and promise for conducting basic research in areas of interest identified in the BAA “Research Interests of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research”. Upcoming deadlines: White paper (required): June 2024; Full application: August 2024 (This toolkit is updated annually.)

Multidisciplinary Research Program of The University Research Initiative (MURI)

MURI supports multidisciplinary, high-risk basic research in science and engineering that is of interest to DoD. MURI is sponsored by Army Research Office (ARO)/Army Material Command (AMC), ONR, and AFOSR. White papers (optional but strongly recommended) are due in May 2024. Upcoming full application deadline: September 2024 (This toolkit is updated annually.)

Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program (ONR YIP)

ONR YIP supports early stage, tenure-track scientists and engineers who are in their first or second full-time tenure-track appointment and show exceptional promise for doing research in 1 or more of the ONR Technology and Research areas. Upcoming deadline: Summer 2024 (This toolkit is updated annually.)