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Find equipment, cores, and Service Centers

Need assistance with resources or Service Centers?

Duke provides a variety of shared resources for accessing equipment and research-related services. Using internal resources can often benefit a research project by providing more accessible and lower-cost alternatives to external sources, reducing delays and complications. These resources can also connect researchers to a network of people with similar project needs and provide guidance on engaging external vendors, if necessary.

Researchers are encouraged to reach out to these resources early in the planning stage, to better understand any associated costs, requirements, or limitations to the services to ensure a good match for a project. 

Service Centers, core facilities, and other shared resources

Utilize the tool below to discover institutional resources that provide access to shared equipment and research services.

  • Resources identified as CoreResearch are live on CoreResearch@Duke, Duke's enterprise-wide service center request and reservation system.
  • To search for specific equipment or services:
    • Use Ctrl + F for Windows devices
    • Use Command + F for Mac devices