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Foundation grants and funding

Need assistance with foundation grants and funding?

There is no one-size fits all guidance for foundation grants and funding proposals. The application will be specific to the foundation, or there may be a more informal proposal process.

However, there are program development questions and other application elements that are commonly required for foundation grant or funding proposals. Access the Office of Foundation Relations (OFR) instructional guide for more information about developing a foundation proposal, or to connect with a Foundation Relations representative about a specific foundation proposal. 

Foundation Sponsors: Contact Foundation Relations First List

Administrative communication with certain sponsors is coordinated by the Office of Foundation Relations. Please contact the designated individual noted on this list, in lieu of reaching out directly to the sponsor. This pertains to pre-award and post-award actions, including, but not limited to, questions about allowable budget categories or indirect rate, request for budget revisions or end-date extensions, return of unspent funds, and approval of press releases. Although not required, faculty members are encouraged to alert the designated Foundation Relations representative when they communicate with these sponsors about prospective or on-going projects.