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Train research personnel

Need assistance with training new research personnel?

Before beginning work on any research projects at Duke, new personnel should complete the appropriate requirements based on their management center, department, and specific role.

Use the tool below to understand the requirements for new faculty and research staff, based on their activities as part of the research team. The tool depicts required training, however many additional training opportunities are available to support various research activities.


Access trainings

The Duke Learning Management System (LMS) and the Safety Management System are used to deliver online trainings and manage training transcripts. Institutionally required trainings can be found on the transcript in these systems, though some required trainings may need to be accessed through other systems (for example: CITI training). Once initial training requirements have been completed, the "my Training" widget in myRESEARCHhome can be used to track renewal deadlines. 

General training and requirements for research personnel