Visiting Research Scholars

Visiting Scholars at Duke 

Duke University values collaborations with external researchers and understands that these collaborations are vital to advancing education and research. Visiting research scholars can provide valuable insights and contribute significantly to our academic community. However, given the diverse and global nature of our institution, there are measures in place to safeguard our research activities while maintaining an open and inclusive environment on campus.  

In order to continue to foster these relationships and collaborations, and ensure appropriate disclosure to our sponsors, the University developed a Guidance on Visiting Research Scholars at Duke  that provides additional definitions, general processes, and important information regarding the requirements to register Visiting Research Scholars via the Visiting Scholar REDCap Registry for all Duke schools and departments.   

A list of Department/ School/ Unit Designees for REDCap can be found here. A Fillable PDF Form can also be completed in advance to help ensure all necessary information is collected before entering the Visiting Research Scholar into the REDCap Database.  

Important Issues to Consider with Visitors 

There may be instances where additional measures should be taken for visitors. Registered international visiting research scholars are screened by Duke University's Office of Export Controls through an automatic notification process. If a visitor (or their institution) appears on a United States Government (USG) restricted party list, that would impact the University’s ability to host the visitor or collaborate with their home institution. Please note, timely registration allows the central offices to work with the sponsor to determine if any additional requirements or restrictions are required prior to the visitor’s arrival. Additional information for foreign national visitors is available from the Office of Export Controls. 

Federal sponsors may also have specific disclosure requirements. For example, the NIH requires both “Other support” and “Post award information” disclosure for Visiting Scholars in Labs funded by an external entity. Additionally, NSF requires “Current & Pending” disclosure for Visiting Scholars whose research activities are not intended for use on the project/proposal being proposed. Visiting Scholars who are supported by an external entity, and whose research activities are intended for use on the project/proposal being proposed require “Facilities, Equipment & Other Resources” disclosure.  

It is important to notify your grants and contracts team of any visiting scholars you are hosting AND their external support (if applicable) during grant applications and RRPRs so they can help ensure appropriate sponsor disclosures are made.  

Some federal sponsors may also require a higher level of screening for individuals working on federally-funded projects, even if uncompensated. Access to specific facilities may need to be restricted or documented approval may be required to allow visitors access. 

If you have any questions or would like further guidance related to this topic, please feel free to reach out to our office. If you don’t see a designee for your area, please contact for more information.