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Determine compute and data storage solutions

Need assistance with compute or storage solutions?

Selecting appropriate compute and storage platforms is needed to ensure efficiencies and security, and is based on the type of data (such as size, format, and whether the information is sensitive). Refer to the Duke data classification standard guide for more information about considered Sensitive or Restricted according to Duke’s data classifications and regulatory requirements.

Utilize SecureIt 

SecureIt is a new tool developed by the Office of Information Technology to determine appropriate computational and data storage solutions based on classification and other needs and requirements of your data. Based on responses to questions about your data, the tool allows researchers to compare and contrast computational and storage solutions to select the best option for your project.

SecureIt includes information about:

  • Duke Box
  • Duke Compute Cluster (DCC)
  • LabArchives
  • OIT storage solutions and virtual machines
  • PACE
  • PRDN
  • REDCap
  • Qualtrics

Additional assistance with compute and data storage solutions

If you would like more direct assistance with determining the appropriate storage options or cloud solutions based on the classification of the project data, contact: