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Federal contracts

Need assistance with federal contracts?

A Federal contract is a legally binding agreement between a contractor and the Federal Government, which may be used by federal agencies to acquire research & development (R&D) activities. Federal contracts are issued to offerors who submit a successful proposal that demonstrates the best value to the Government. 

Federal contract proposals are more complex than most grant applications. The solicitation should be read through thoroughly and entirely, ample time should be allocated to prepare for a successful proposal. Contact (Campus Schools/Provost Area) or (SoM/SoN) for assistance.

Most federal agencies require offerors to submit two distinct proposals for each solicitation:

  1. Technical Proposal
    • Research plan
    • Available facilities & resources
    • Experience & qualifications
  2. Business Proposal
    • Detailed, line-item budget & justification
    • Pricing data for each cost
    • Other administrative information

Instructions for each proposal may contain overlap because they are reviewed by separate panels.

Utilize the "Related Resources"  on this page for guidance, forms, and templates to assist with submitting a federal contract proposal. Please note that the Federal Contracting Certification Program is currently on hold. Some trainings may not be offered at this time.