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Generate reports and submit sponsor invoices

Need assistance with preparing or submitting reports?

Throughout the lifecycle of a project, routine reports will need to be generated for the principal investigator/scientific team and the project sponsor. These reports may include the current and projected financial status of the project, the progress of research activities as they apply to the aims of the project, or a combination of the two.


Reports for principal investigators

Providing principal investigators with routine updates about the fiscal status of the project is important for ensuring project spending aligns with the proposed budget and to proactively mitigate any budgetary concerns. Grants and contracts administrators are advised to provide financial reports on a monthly basis, and ideally, research administrators and principal investigators should meet monthly to discuss the financial status, any updates about the project, and any upcoming sponsor reports. In addition, researchers who have financial responsibility for sponsored research codes can use the myReports widget in myRESEARCHhome to view financial reports and projections.  Financial reports provide information in various ways - from the transactional to aggregate level. Talk to your lead research administrator to understand best practices or requirements specific to your department.  Your administrator may also be helpful in interpreting reports from myRESEARCHhome.


Utilize the "Related Resources" section on this page for tools and guidance for generating faculty reports. Additional tools and resources for financial reporting are available on the Financial reconciliation page and the Projections and effort reporting (ECRT) page.


Reports to project sponsors

Depending on the sponsor, quarterly, annual, or other routine reports may be required as a condition of the award. Ad hoc reports may also be required for budgetary, safety, or other programmatic concerns that arise during the project period. Reporting requirements can be found in the notice award.

Utilize the "Related Resources" section on this page for guidance on elements of common sponsor reports (such as RPPRs). Access the Submit reports and disclosures, and communicate with sponsors page for additional information and resources regarding other common routine or ad hoc reporting. Research administrators, principal investigators, and scientific staff should coordinate in advance of reporting deadlines to develop accurate and timely reports to the sponsor.


Sponsor Invoicing

If the project involves direct invoicing to the sponsor, review the sponsor agreement to determine the process and requirements. For most projects that involve sponsor invoicing, it is managed through Duke Post Award Financial Management (PAFM) and/or Treasury Billing Services (TBS). Non-reportable sponsored projects (29x and 39x codes) are not handled through PAFM and TBS and are the responsibility of the department. Talk with your departmental business manager for procedures and guidance on invoicing for projects that fall in this category.