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Projections and effort reporting (ECRT)

Need assistance with projections and effort reporting?

Ongoing review of allocated effort and budget projections is a critical piece in effectively managing an award. Frequent communication between grants and contracts administrators and PIs regarding spending trends (including personnel effort) and projected balances can proactively mitigate budgetary concerns for sponsored funds.

See below for more information about budget projections and effort reporting. The Related Resources on this page provide additional policies, guidance, and training.



As part of ongoing award management activities, grants and contracts managers should frequently review financial reports and make projections about spending and balances for sponsored projects. Projections should include if current spending trends and remaining balances will cover the personnel costs on the project. Principal investigators and research personnel should work closely with their grants and contracts administrator to keep them informed and updated on any purchases or changes in spending that may impact the financial projections.

Utilize the Projection and Reporting Tool in the Grants Management tab in Duke@Work. Guidance documents on utilizing the tool are located in the Related Resources section of this page.  


Effort reporting (ECRT)

To review and track sponsored project effort, the Effort Certification Reporting Technology (ECRT) system is used to maintain quarterly notifications and annual certifications for all monthly paid (exempt) faculty and staff. Bi-weekly (non-exempt) staff certify their effort through their timecards. The ECRT system Interfaces with SAP to accumulate payroll data.

Research personnel should be reviewing their sponsored effort quarterly, and grants and contracts administrators should coordinate with their departmental Primary Effort Coordinator to make any changes to sponsored effort as soon as possible. Research personnel are required to certify their effort on an annual basis.

Associated GAPs and guidance for effort reporting are located in the "Related Resources" section of this page.