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Manage effort and payroll

Need assistance with managing effort or payroll?

Determinations regarding project personnel effort need to be made during proposal development, and then must be monitored and managed throughout the entirety of the project once awarded. Personnel effort should accurately reflect the time the individual spends on project activities, including but not limited to time dedicated to:

  • Start-up activities and approvals
  • Necessary trainings and regulatory oversight
  • Identifying, screening, and enrolling participants (if applicable)
  • Conduct of project-related activities and infrastructure
  • Closeout activities

Managing effort

Effectively managing effort for the PI and other project personnel is critical to maintaining compliance with sponsor regulations and institutional policies. Effort allocations should be reviewed routinely to ensure changes are made in a timely manner. Access the following pages for more detailed information to ensure sponsored funds related to effort are being applied and tracked in a compliant manner:

Managing payroll

Sponsored project effort should be appropriately reflected in payroll for all personnel. To do so requires strong communication between project staff, grant managers, and payroll representatives. Any changes to sponsored effort, cost sharing, or salary adjustments need to be communicated and updated in iForms with ample time to ensure payroll funds are being allocated appropriately. This also includes reduced FTE hours, leave of absence, salary adjustments, and appointments with the PDC or VA.

Access the Payroll requirements and special considerations page for additional guidance and more information on factors that may influence payroll.