Effort Management Project

Date last modified: 6/5/24

Effort management is a critical aspect of our research administration work at Duke.  It allows us to monitor the progress of active research, more effectively allocate resources, and comply with funding agency reporting requirements. With the introduction of the new Effort Management Tools, we aim to simplify and automate the effort monitoring process and reduce administrative burden.

New Effort Management Tools (EMTs) will be available in a phased approach. In Phase 1, tools will be available for Schools of Medicine and Nursing. In Phase 2, tools will be available for Schools across the institution.  We are launching a pilot of the EMP tools with a select group of campus units in July 2024. Additional phases of the pilot will be announced in late summer and fall of 2024.  

Effort Management Teams

If there are questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate Effort Management Team:

SchoolsEffort Management Team contact information
School of Medicine/School of Nursing (MNMC)EffortMGMT@duke.edu
Provost Area/Campus Schools (PAMC)CampusEffort@duke.edu


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