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Prepare publications and presentations

Need assistance with publications or presentations?

Disseminating your research through scholarly and public avenues is an important part of the research process. Ensuring that the results of your work are accessible aligns with Duke’s commitment to open science and open scholarship, and can also help maximize the impact of your research. Additionally, funders are often looking to invest in those who have published their research in peer-reviewed publications, or contributed to the scholarly body of knowledge. It is important to acknowledge funders only in publications in which the research is tied directly to the aims of the funded work.

Duke supports researchers in communicating their research via many services and resources.  Access the pages below for more information on guidelines and resources associated with various communication channels.


For information about dissemination of other research outputs such data, code, or software, access the Engage in open science and open scholarship page.

For information about sharing your findings with research participants, access the Return results to participants page.