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Research involving international activities or collaborations

Need assistance with international research activities or collaborations?

Research involving international activities or collaborations may have extra considerations or regulations, including a need to comply with institutional policies or local and federal mandates. Planning and implementing international research can take additional time and steps. Early planning and early engagement of central offices is essential for timely and compliant international research projects. 

Considerations and support based on project inclusions 

The Duke Global site is a good starting point for accessing policies and procedures to support international research. For sponsored projects with international components, the International RACI team is also available for questions or consultations.

Depending on the complexities and considerations of the research project, Duke central offices may need to be engaged to ensure the project complies with institutional, federal, and local regulations. Use the tool below to determine the best route for obtaining central-level support. 

  • Access the Duke restricted regions list for the most up-to-date list of countries with restrictions or sanctions
  • Duke-supported international travel must be registered in the travel registry. If trips are booked in Concur, they will automatically feed into the registry. 

What is the best support path for the project?

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Disclosing international activities and collaborations 

Duke University values international collaborations in research and education and the scholars and students from around the world who contribute to our academic mission. The University is committed to building and supporting an inclusive and diverse research community. Such collaborations are vital to our work in advancing education, research, and health locally, nationally, and globally. However, there are special considerations to understand prior to engaging with international collaborators. These include: