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Other federal agency funding

Need assistance with other federal agency funding?

This page provides toolkits for federal funding agencies outside of the NIH or NSF. Additional toolkits for other agencies and mechanisms will be added as they are developed.

Access the Disclose activities (Other Support/Current and Pending) page for requirements and samples of Other Support/Current and Pending disclosures for federally funded proposals. 

Templates and examples

See below for templates and examples for commonly required sections of grants from various federal agencies and programs.
Department of Energy grant toolkits

The Office of Campus Research Development (OCRD) has developed toolkits for specific DOE funding opportunities, each of which includes guidance and templates tailored for each opportunity. These toolkits are updated annually or as needed to conform to both agency and specific solicitation requirements. These DOE toolkits and their deadlines can be found on the OCRD website. If the opportunity you are interested in is not represented, please contact OCRD to develop a more customized toolkit.