ORCID Registration Links


An ORCID (https://orcid.org/) is a unique, persistent person identifier that follows a researcher throughout their career and is institutionally agnostic. This ID (free to the researcher) connects the individual to their contributions (grants, publications, innovations) and their affiliations (institutions, professional orgs, etc.). Once authorized by an individual, member organizations (like Duke) can pull from and post to that researcher's ORCID profile, saving researchers time from manually maintaining multiple profiles with identical appointment, grant, and publication information.

Federal sponsors have recently begun either explicitly requiring ORCID IDs for personnel on certain proposals and awards (Training Grants) or highly incentivizing its use with the integration of biosketch tools like SciENcv with myNCBI and eRA Commons platforms. Essentially, ORCID profiles act as the conduit between your information already present in Duke systems and the SciENcv biosketch tool.

By obtaining an ORCID and affiliating it with Duke and Federal systems, researchers can more seamlessly link their contributions and appointments from various sources to quickly generate a biosketch in SciENcv for grant proposals.


Create an ORCID

  1. Login with Duke credentials to create an ORCID and register it with Duke: https://orcid.org/institutional-signin


Registering your ORCID with Duke

Once you have an ORCID, register it with Duke systems to populate your ORCID profile with your institutional Duke data.

  1. OIT Self-Service (this will pass Duke appointment information to your ORCID profile): https://scholarworks.duke.edu/orcid/register-duke/
  2. Duke Elements (this will pass your claimed publications to your ORCID profile): https://scholarworks.duke.edu/orcid/register-elements/


Registering your ORCID with Federal Platforms*

Once you have an ORCID and have registered it with Duke, register it with Federal systems to populate your ORCID profile with data from Federal systems and pass data from your ORCID profile to biosketch tools.

  1. myNCBI (this will pass info from your ORCID profile into your biosketch when you generate one via SciENcv): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK3842/#MyNCBI.Adding_a_Partner_Organization_as
  2. eRA Commons: https://era.nih.gov/erahelp/Commons/Default.htm#PPF_Help/8_2_orcid.htm?Highlight=orcid

*You can also login to the federal platforms using your Duke credentials (see below)


Linking your NCBI and eRA Commons accounts: https://era.nih.gov/erahelp/Commons/Default.htm#Commons/myncbi.htm?TocPath=_____28


to Federal Platforms using Duke Credentials (including 2FA) 

Since Duke is a federated partner organization, you can use your Duke credentials and multi-factor authentication in lieu of a login.gov account.

  1. myNCBI: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK3842/#MyNCBI.Signing_in_using_a_partner_organi
  2. eRA Commons: https://era.nih.gov/erahelp/Commons/Default.htm#cshid=13