NIH supplements (revision type 3 applications)

Supplements (Revision Type 3 applications): When a PI submits a supplement or revision application, it is to request additional funds for a specific use to expand the scope of work of an existing Type 1, 2, or 5 award.

  • Confirm the submission method of paper application (PHS 398 forms) or electronic application (SF424 R&R Forms) by FOA review or from the assigned NIH Program Official.
  • Supplement title will need to remain the same as the parent award.
  • An SPS record will need to be completed and routed to PCA state for ORA receipt business days prior to the deadline date of the supplement application.
  • When a supplement is awarded, it is considered a restricted award; therefore, a new WBS Element / fund code will need to be initiated separate from the parent award to ensure funds encumbered on the supplement are for the intended purpose proposed.