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NIH program grants (P and U series)

Need assistance with NIH program grants?

NIH program grants (P series) are intended to support multi-project research programs. NIH cooperative agreements (U series) involve high-priority research areas that require substantial involvement from the NIH program or scientific staff.

When applying for a P or U series grant, follow the most current NIH SF424 guidance, as well as any specific instructions in the funding opportunity announcement (FOA). 

Also review additional NIH proposal guidance:

Note: The FOA instructions always supersede the SF424 or standard page limitation guidance.

Support for NIH proposal development

Included below are grant writing toolkits developed by the SoM Office of Research Development and the Office of Campus Research Development (OCRD). 

Templates and examples

See below for templates and examples for commonly required sections of research grants. Consult the FOA for specific section requirements that apply to that funding mechanism.
NIH complex grant toolkit
NIH P/U grants Human Subjects and Clinical Trials attachments