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Prepare for budget period or award end

Need assistance with preparing for the end of an award?

Preparing for the end of a budget period

As a project approaches the end of a budget period, reports and requests may need to be submitted, dependent upon the sponsor. Refer to to NOA for specific requirements.


Preparing for the end of an award/project

As a project approaches the end of the award period, decisions need to be made and actions need to be taken in a timely manner to ensure a clean and compliant close out or extension of the project. Beginning at least 90 days prior to the project end date, the PI, grants and contract administrator, and any applicable research staff should coordinate to determine if the project objectives have been concluded and the team should proceed with closing out the project/award, or if there are outstanding objectives that would warrant requesting a no-cost extension from the sponsor. 

  • For projects that should proceed with the closeout process, access the Award closeout page for guidance and activity milestones to be completed to achieve a clean close of the award.